Aquarius Full Moon

With the full Moon last night, I celebrate the completion of my first collection of poems. I am honored that Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea  is forthcoming from Hiraeth Press at the end of this month.

Author page:

With gratitude to so many for their support over the years… much gratitude for connections and reconnections with poets and writers, healers and dreamers, musicians and artists,  family and friends, activists and mystics, animalitos and compañeras.   I fill pages with gratitudes.  A special thank you to Angelina, Sonali Balajee, Peter Boehlke, Page Lambert, Kip Leitner, Michael Lerner, Ketzel Levine, Patricia Pearce, Vicki Reitenauer, Mariana Romo-Carmona, David Romtvedt, Judy Rose, Sarah Schulman, Dawn Thompson, Chase Twichell, Francis Weller and Karen Wood as well as folks from Artsmith, Caldera, Commonweal, Hollyhock Summer Gathering and Soapstone, for encouragement and support.     In memory of Gaydell Collier, Tricia Clappison Dietrich and Ann Eskridge, women writers who have been waiting for my first book of poetry to be published.


With Gratitude

I am honored that Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea, my first collection of poetry, is forthcoming from Hiraeth Press at the end of this month. Please see the first press release and my author’s page:


As a child, I dreamed of being a writer.  I have written most of my life — journaling, writing poems, letters, stories and essays. I wish to express gratitude for all those who encouraged me in my writing – beginning with Mrs. Franklin, my sixth grader teacher and Mrs. Aragon, my high school English teacher, who posted one of my essays on the bulletin board declaring me a writer.  When I was seventeen, I had my first poem published in a small anthology of collegiate writers.    Since then, over the decades, I have continued to write, submit poems for publication from time to time, and read voraciously.

My intention for my poetry is to offer richly textured poetic renderings of natural landscapes and emotional nuances in response to those landscapes.   I weave concerns for global warming, social inequities, and health care together with images of birds, plants, animals, breath, evoking our interconnectedness with all sentient beings and the spiritual universe.   My poems reflect a deep sense of care for and rootedness in the natural world, and my thankfulness to be alive.

Again, with gratitude to many dreamers, two-leggeds, four-leggeds, winged ones and the cosmos for inspiration and support.


photo by Kim Campbell



Within the Breath


                                              Within the Breath

White flowers on lemon balm, basil

our minds wander amidst spices

through consciousness of well-being

focused, present, a small flower spider

a soft peppermint leaf,  a crow feather

and all the blackbirds gathered below us

red-winged, solid black, sheer garnet, obsidian

in which one sings, one holds nothing

except the song, the singing

symmetrical, immediate

green tea, prayer wheel, snail labyrinth

the soul is sensitive to images

to what is in us, the hemoglobin

platelets, the resonance of cellular memory

to what is before us, the light gathered

crow, staircase, basil, rose

this evening we face the west, sun dappled faces

maple leaves, blackbirds, shadows, breath

in which one breathes, one holds everything.

— Gwendolyn Morgan

Honorable mention Elizabeth Bolton Poetry Prize

Written River: A Journal of Eco-poetics, Summer Solstice 2013, p. 53

forthcoming in Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea, Hiraeth Press, 2013.