Autumn Equinox 2015

Red Rox by Creek

                      Autumn window no. 3: Vulpes fulva, Key of Bflat

She walks along the edges of music
star-lit before the fog rises from the river

Her black paws are quarter notes
black-tipped tail, white belly       diurnal

We see her in the early morning
in the meadow where the Great Horned Owl flies.

Douglas Fir above, blackberry thicket below
Look! She is the color of vine maple leaves

warning symbols on a topographical map
danger! Fire danger high global warming

when we have forgotten the lyrics
the pendulous nest, woven tightly of plant fibers,

our relations. She slips through the grove of Hazelnut
like the mists over Salmon Creek.

She remembers the Sumac, the runes of trees,
voices of Spotted Towhee.

– Gwendolyn Morgan

Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea
Danvers,MA: Hiraeth Press, 2013. 4