Samhain Blue Moon, Full Moon in Taurus

“Listen to the howl of our spiritual

brother, the wolf, for how it goes with

him, so it goes for the natural world.”

— Oren R. Lyon,  Traditional Circle of Elders

We live in a time when our brothers and sisters are being shot,

when are sacred lands are desecrated.

May we lift up our voices for the natural world.

May we lift up our voices for peace and justice, equity and inclusion…

Harvest Full Moon, October 1, 2020

All the warm nights
sleep in moonlight

keep letting it
go into you

do this
all your life

do this
you will shine outward
in old age

the moon will think
you are
the moon

Jacob Nibenegenesabe,_a poem from The Wishing Bone Cycle: Narrative Poems from the Swampy Cree, trans. Howard Norman (1972)