Within the Breath


                                              Within the Breath

White flowers on lemon balm, basil

our minds wander amidst spices

through consciousness of well-being

focused, present, a small flower spider

a soft peppermint leaf,  a crow feather

and all the blackbirds gathered below us

red-winged, solid black, sheer garnet, obsidian

in which one sings, one holds nothing

except the song, the singing

symmetrical, immediate

green tea, prayer wheel, snail labyrinth

the soul is sensitive to images

to what is in us, the hemoglobin

platelets, the resonance of cellular memory

to what is before us, the light gathered

crow, staircase, basil, rose

this evening we face the west, sun dappled faces

maple leaves, blackbirds, shadows, breath

in which one breathes, one holds everything.

— Gwendolyn Morgan

Honorable mention Elizabeth Bolton Poetry Prize

Written River: A Journal of Eco-poetics, Summer Solstice 2013, p. 53



forthcoming in Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea, Hiraeth Press, 2013.


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