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The beauty of this season and this festival of Beltane, mid-point between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice, brings warmth, flowers and growth, a flurry of activities in the northern hemisphere.   In early April to mid-April we had intermittent snow, with temperatures in the mid-thirties most mornings.  By the end of the month, the temperatures peaked at 88 degrees Fahrenheit.  The global climate crisis brings record breaking temperatures year after year.  Yet the trilliums are blooming along with flowering apple, tulips, and iris, with scores of green shoots furling from the moist earth.   Many birds are in the midst of Spring migration, returning from their southern homes.

Spring is a time to continue to simplify our lives, be in the moment, re-home with gratitude for the increase in the light, the lifting of our spirits. Spring is a season to commit anew to caring for ourselves, the earth, and all sentient beings.    

At the close of national poetry month, I am honored to receive recognition for my writing with the notification that Flight Feathers is a Nautilus Gold Winner in Lyric Prose. Scroll down on the Homebound Publications main page to see the line-up of Homebound and Wayfarer books that received Nautilus Awards:

Gratitude enkindles light -
poetry & art for the journey when it is cloudy,
the stars are still shining

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