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Flight Feathers

Flight Feathers

Flight Feathers With much gratitude to Wayfarer Books, Homebound Publications for poems on the wing.       Gratitude to artist Susan Bourdet for Sky King's Castle, watercolor on the cover. "... to carry grief in one hand and gratitude in the other and…

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Libra Full Moon, balance

With the Full Moon in Libra, the Moon is opposite the Sun in Aries. Each day we receive the gift of an invitation to deep listening to our path and connection with our community.  With spring, the birds of prey, passerines and winged ones are building…

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April – Gratitude, Kindness

4 April 2022  Gratitude, Kindness   Photograph, from Blackbird Ranch Sanctuary©2022 With gratitude to all those who support me as an artist, poet & writer, and many around the world who continue to support artists, dreamers, dancers, musicians, poets and writers – creatives who hold up…

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Dragonfly, Last Quarter Phase of the Moon

Helping Spirits mixed media © Gwendolyn Morgan In the countryside, with a creek flowing through our property, and woods all around, dragonflies and other woodland creatures were a gift to me as a child.  Winged ones continue to bring inspiration.   Around the world, dragonflies…

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las abejas son nuestras amigas Autumn brings release of leaves, poems, paintings,  a time for a return to creative acts.  Along with the Sun trine to Saturn, we  have a Venus-Nepture trine…

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Lammas is a seasonal turning point in the wheel of the year, mid-point between Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.  Two months back-to-back with Aquarius Full Moons, now Leo Sun and soon another New Moon. This summer, I remember Francis Weller sharing that our work “is…

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Summer Solstice to Cancer New Moon

This Morning “This morning the doe speaks to her young outside the window. I do not know what is said but listen, their love is great as ours…”             - Linda Hogan                         The Radiant Lives of Animals …

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the stars are still shining

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