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Imbolc 2020

Imbolc is the halfway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. With heavy rain in the Pacific Northwest, and heavy sorrow in the world, we turn to the beauty of the Trilliums and Snowdrops emerging through the rain-soaked earth, the Varied Thrush reminding us it still may snow, and…

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Winter Solstice 2019

Trumpeter Swans (photo courtesy of Holly Kuchera) Que la paz y belleza de la estación brille, brille en tu corazon.     This Winter there is much turmoil and sorrow in the world, and much beauty, lovingkindness and joy.   …

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Scorpio New Moon, Samhain, Mercury Rx 2019

This New Moon in Scorpio turns the wheel of the year to Samhain,  a liminal time of listening to the autumnal migration: Dusky Geese, Trumpeter Swans, and Sandhill Cranes overhead with yellow, orange, topaz, and gold leaves twirling to the ground while rain, wind, and…

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Autumn Equinox, 2019

Every day the deer come to visit, and enjoy some bird seed…. "Black-capped Chickadee, Evening Grosbeak, Black-tailed Deer return more frequently…She is worried about the refugees and immigrants…" “Before the Sun Rises” –Gwendolyn Morgan© On Sunday, October 20th Refugee & Migrant Rights Fundraiser:  A reading…

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Green Heron at Turtle Pond, Sun Enters Virgo

"Look carefully at the letter shapes of your life, your intentions the vowels and consonants...." Gwendolyn Morgan, Before the Sun Rises Homebound Publications, 2019, p. 22 Before the Sun Rises is available through Homebound Publications

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Before the Sun Rises

Before the Sun Rises is available through Homebound Publications, released Summer Solstice, June 2019

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poetic mapping

One of my poems  which was published in Spring 2019 (Volume 8 issue 1) of The Wayfarer was included in the launch of Washington State Poet Laureate Claudia Castro Luna’s new statewide project Washington Poetic Routes.  My poem may be found further north.  She is…

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National Poetry Month

“¿Te llegan las palabras que te escribo?” Octavio Quintanilla, 2018-2020 San Antonio Poet Laureate What a gift to have an AWP breakfast gathering with a few poet laureates from around the country convened by Kim Stafford and Claudia Castro Luna last week.    And the gift of…

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