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 Summertime Wayfaring

Around 4 o’clockish each morning, the birds begin to sing before first light… beginning with song sparrows, swallows, and robins.  I wake grateful for the beautiful symphony of the season.  In my journal, I invite the words, wayfaring into the light of each day, each page. Poets and astrologers offer literary gifts, astral guidance and reflections.  As the light increases until sunrise,  I untangle the dog leash and we enter into more beauty:  greening of trees, grasses, shrubs, unfurling of roses and early summer flowers.  Bald Eagles, hawks, crows and a variety of passerines greet us as we walk.  This is another season of wayfaring and venturing, of listening to the natural world, grounding in the midst of continued global upheaval and trauma for many around us and around the world.  May we re-member to care for the earth our home.

This season, I am grateful to have two of my poems in The Wayfarer, poems also found in my book        Flight Feathers


Gratitude enkindles light -
poetry & art for the journey when it is cloudy,
the stars are still shining

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