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This is a book of magic spells, calling on birds, acts of art, blessings, and humble ritual to turn a time of illness to a quest for awareness. Small changes work the mysteries: not ‘shadow of death’ but ‘death of shadow.’ Not first-person predictable, but third-person intimate, a voice filled with surprises inhabiting daily life, life ritual, spoken scripture, ‘the painful juxtaposition of various needs’ converging polarities toward a hawk’s whole vision, a thrush’s solo song. The multiple realms of the awakened mind here (in titles like ‘Sturgeon, Osprey, Gemini New Moon’) give this writer and her readers a place to stand in a complex world, a place to understand, a place to heal, connect, be whole.

Gratitude enkindles light -
poetry & art for the journey when it is cloudy,
the stars are still shining

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