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Autumn brings release of leaves, poems, paintings,  a time for a return to creative acts.  Along with the Sun trine to Saturn, we  have a Venus-Nepture trine (Scorpio-Pisces).  

“This is also a wonderful creative influence as Venus represents beauty, harmony and aesthetics and Neptune is imagination and the arts. … (a time) to tap into these energies by painting, taking photos, dancing….”  — Leah Whitehorse,

Again, grateful to Moss for including my poem “Blend, clay, coffee” in their Volume No. 6 which had a delay in release to this month

Also, grateful to Syracuse Cultural Workers for including las abejas son nuestras amigas, a small mixed media painting I created in memory of my father,  in their 2022 Women Artists Datebook

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the stars are still shining

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