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Angelina is a rescue donkey who lives at Lavender Dreams Farm, a lovely home and Donkey Rescue.   This winter she inspired me to complete this 30″x30″ acrylic on canvas painting, which premiered at the First Unitarian Church Fine Arts Show April 12-14, 2013.   Donkeys are gentle creatures who have been sorely mistreated — and yet who gently remind us of our interconnection with all sentient beings.  Some donkeys offer healing via equine therapy as they are able to not only sense but also relieve others of emotional and spiritual pain.


Donkey Graces


“If a donkey brays in the morning,

Let the hay makers take a warning;

If the donkey brays late at night,

Let the hay makers take delight.”[i]

— for Angelina


Plant three rows of organic heirloom carrots.

Buy a dozen pink ladies, apples from the orchardist down the lane.

Remember to have your hair styled, her hooves trimmed.


Massage the sway back of an older rescue donkey,

the thick charcoal gray stripe that runs vertical holds the myth that once upon a time

donkeys had unmarked gray fur, and that it was only after Christ’s entry into Jerusalem

on the back of a donkey that they received the dark cross on their backs.


Watch the donkeys haul the peat like a wheelbarrow in an old Irish storybook,

heal the ailing, the sorrowful, people and animals alike.


Remember Saint Nicolas used to wear the garment of a bishop

as he rode on the back of a donkey (no sleigh, no reindeer),

and in Egypt, donkey’s milk was a cosmetic applied to ensure smooth skin.

Donkeys bring unfettered grace to each morning.


Take delight in the greeting bray of Angelina at dusk.

Buy a plush toy donkey named Esperanza.

Place dried red roses in her saddlebag, tuck one behind your ear.



[i] Welsh Folk saying. Angelina is a donkey who resides at Lavender Dreams Farm and Donkey Rescue.


[i] Welsh Folk saying. Angelina is a donkey who resides at Lavender Dreams Farm and Donkey Rescue.


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