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With the full Moon last night, I celebrate the completion of my first collection of poems. I am honored that Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea  is forthcoming from Hiraeth Press at the end of this month.

Author page:

With gratitude to so many for their support over the years… much gratitude for connections and reconnections with poets and writers, healers and dreamers, musicians and artists,  family and friends, activists and mystics, animalitos and compañeras.   I fill pages with gratitudes.  A special thank you to Angelina, Sonali Balajee, Peter Boehlke, Page Lambert, Kip Leitner, Michael Lerner, Ketzel Levine, Patricia Pearce, Vicki Reitenauer, Mariana Romo-Carmona, David Romtvedt, Judy Rose, Sarah Schulman, Dawn Thompson, Chase Twichell, Francis Weller and Karen Wood as well as folks from Artsmith, Caldera, Commonweal, Hollyhock Summer Gathering and Soapstone, for encouragement and support.     In memory of Gaydell Collier, Tricia Clappison Dietrich and Ann Eskridge, women writers who have been waiting for my first book of poetry to be published.


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