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sunset, Manzanita

Between Autumn Equinox and Samhain, we find ourselves in a blustery time, with tornadoes in Manzanita and Oceanside on the Oregon Coast, and a chilly climate. In a time of political chaos, mass shootings, refugee crises, environmental degradation, continued upheaval nationally and globally, I believe we need to share our gifts of creative acts more than ever.  As one friend noted, we need soulful media, less rhetoric and more poetry, less shouting and more music and art.

How can we envision a way of peace and justice, equity for all sentient beings? It seems important to tap into deep wellsprings for the sake of our own transformation. Yet it is time to send these creative energies out into the world because we are in desperate need for resistance, for saying no to hate, death and destruction, for offering the gift of compassion and respect, the witness of lovingkindness and grace. (Friends of Silence, Vol. XXIX, No. 7 July/August, 2016).

How are you sharing your gifts in the world?

I am grateful to Karen Rigby and Foreward Reviews for the thoughtful book review of Snowy Owls this month:

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