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Helping Spirits mixed media © Gwendolyn Morgan

In the countryside, with a creek flowing through our property, and woods all around, dragonflies and other woodland creatures were a gift to me as a child.  Winged ones continue to bring inspiration.   Around the world, dragonflies often symbolize transformation with their iridescent wings and graceful flight. They appear in haiku and stories, on Zuni pottery and Diné necklaces.   Order Ordonata, suborder Anisoptera, they are important insects known as messengers between the worlds, at times appearing as ancestral spirits, inviting us to take time for reflection.

I’m grateful that an interview with me on Dragonfly appeared on KXRW a month ago  as I spoke about poetry and inspiration just before my solar return.

The last quarter of the lunar cycle is a time of reflection before the Sagittarius New Moon, Solar Eclipse.  Leah Whitehorse notes: “Align yourself to what is important and let your light shine.”

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