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Foreward Indies Book of the Year Awards Finalist

spring blossoms 2017 (1)

I am grateful that Snowy Owls, Egrets, and Unexpected Graces, my book of prose and poetry published by Hiraeth Press, has been named as a Foreword Indies Book of the Year Awards Finalist.

I am grateful to Karen Rigby and Foreward Reviews for the thoughtful review:

As we enter this the new season of Spring, may be renewed with a desire to create, to push forward for art and music, equity and justice, just as daffodils, crocus, grape hyacinth and cherry blossoms burst into bloom. What illuminates our landscape in the midst of global challenges?   How are we sharing our light and compassion in a world seemingly flush with hatred and greed? As the light of Spring returns in the northern hemisphere, may we remember that what we do makes a difference. May we be surrounded by paint palettes, poetry books, pottery wheels, passionate essays, cellos, flutes, pianos and drums. May we be known as a part of a community that cares and stands up for each other with dignity and respect.


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