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Black-faced ibis

“’Where there is sorrow,’ wrote Oscar Wilde, ‘there is holy ground.’…  [grief] enables us to walk in this world with its realities of life and death, how it shakes us and breaks us open to depths of soul we could not imagine. Grief offers a wild alchemy that transmutes suffering into fertile ground.” — Francis Weller

Francis Weller’s book The Wild Edge of Sorrow is on my studio bookshelf, the spine slightly sticking out of the line of books.    I am grateful to have known Francis Weller as a friend, colleague and mentor for nearly a decade now. As a poet and writer, this early winter through spring has been one of witnessing and accompanying others in the incredible journey of grief and loss.   Of listening to the deepest places, which is the path of poetry.

Happy news in the midst of grief: Before the Sun Rises is a Nautilus Silver award winner in poetry —  announced publicly this week:

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