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Sunrise, New Moon in Scorpio

“We wake; we wake the day,

the light rising in us like sun –

our breath a prayer brushing

against the feather in our hands….”

— Gail Tremblay, Onondaga, Mi’Kmaq,

from Indian Singing in the 20th Century America


Wishing you a Happy Diwali!  Eagle, Sandhill Cranes, and Trumpeter Swans flew overhead around sunrise every day this week.  As we enter into this season of gratitude and light, may be listen to all the beauty around us as we give thanks for the gifts we have received in this life.   May we honor our ancestors, teachers, compañeros, friends and family along the journey.   May we honor the Sandhill Cranes, the White Pelicans, the Trumpeter Swans, the geese and migratory birds that gather along our creek banks during this extended migratory time.  May we honor the winged ones, the deer and all the woodland animals that cross our path.  May we honor the mosses, plants, flowers, trees and stone peoples. May we give thanks for the celestials, the Moon and Sun and Stars, the celebrations of light around us.  May we honor this earth, our home. 

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