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Three chanterelle mushrooms in the forest (Cantharellus cibarius) photo by Monticola.

Epiphany signifies illumination, a sudden intuitive perception, a moment of revelation. In the midst of an on-going global pandemic and much chaos, may we allow the earth to illuminate our path. Within the foliage of our west coast rain forests, we hear the sweet song of the Varied Thrush, feel the rain on our skin, watch the deer forage, find mushrooms beneath fern fronds, and remember we are connected to the earth.

With much gratitude to Esther Vincent Xueming, Editor-in-chief and Founder and The Tiger Moth Review for their inclusion of my poem

She (Who) Gathers Mushrooms in Issue No. 5

May we remember to continue to speak up for peace and justice in a troubled time…

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