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Feliz Día Mundial de las Aves Migratorias!

“we remember to lift our wings of hope

  To watch and listen,  advocate and lobby for future generations

  Trust that whatever is falling away

Is opening portals for what is now possible.”

            -Gwendolyn Morgan from “Enchantment of Swifts”

                        Dawn Songs: A Birdwatcher’s Field Guide to the Poetics of Migration

Again, I am grateful to have my writing in Dawn Songs: A Birdwatcher’s Field Guide to the Poetics of Migration, a beautiful anthology edited by Jamie K. Reaser and J. Drew Lanham. You’ll find two new poems “The Solace of Swallows” and “The Enchantment of Swifts.”

I am grateful for the vibrant poems and prose of all the writers who honor our feathered companions around the world.  This collection lifts poetic migratory gifts, songs, feathers – and calls us to action for all winged species and this earth we call home.

Please support your local Independent Bookstores. Buy local, bird local and be active local.

Gratitude enkindles light -
poetry & art for the journey when it is cloudy,
the stars are still shining

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