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Lammas, Teltane, Honoring Our Ancestors

“In her dreams there is a door
that is only opened by ancestors
the wings of water birds,
feathers the colors of the Aurora Borealis.”
– Gwendolyn Morgan, from “When her dreams were as round as the Aquarius Moon”

Lammas or Teltane is a cross-quarter day midway between summer solstice and fall equinox.  Although the days are still long, the sun rises later and sets earlier.   The rhythm of the earth, and our lives, is shifting. Most spiritual traditions around the world invite a slowing down at seasonal changes.  And with the Aquarius – Leo Full Moon, may we notice the enormous Wolf Moon as it rises in the evening, sets in the morning.

I’m grateful two poems are included in Honoring Our Ancestors, an anthology just released by Spell Jar Press.  My painting “Crow Light” appears on the cover.

Gratitude enkindles light -
poetry & art for the journey when it is cloudy,
the stars are still shining

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