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Here we are in this liminal Yuletide, at the turning of the wheel of the year, an energetic shift in the cosmos, the return of the light here in the Northern Hemisphere. We honor Winter Solstice, with the bright lights of the celestials, all the birds and woodland creatures accompanying us.

The longest night of the year brings us reindeer gifts and stories. “The Reindeer Goddess,” as described by Judith Shaw, Genevieve Gluck, and other scholars, includes Saulė, the Lithuanian/Latvia goddess of light, who in many stories flew over the skies during Winter Solstice in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. She dropped pebbles of amber, the return of the sun, and colors red for the rising sun, white as it journeys around the wheel of the year.

Other reindeer, deer or horned goddesses include the Norse goddess Freyja, the Slavic goddess Rozhanitza, The Siberian Ice Maiden, Beaivi, a sun goddess of the Sámi, and others. Celtic Eln of the Ways (the Green Lady) was honored as guardian of the roads, who guided people as they followed the migratory path of the reindeer. She symbolized the journey from this earth to the afterlife. So many stories of the deer and reindeer people around the world to inspire us and bring us hope.

Perhaps Reindeer, Elk and Deer carry the sun and constellations on their antlers. May you be wrapped in stories and songs of peace, hope, and love this season of light.

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