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“Take the breath of the new dawn and make it part of you.

It will give you strength.”[i]

We walk along in the dark listening to the Robins singing up the Sun into the sky.  

Snow, hail, rain, sun, the weather a blend of winter, early Spring. The Moon intensifies gravitational pulls on tectonic plates, tidal flows, and our psyches as well.  The Robins have a unique happiness song, a repetition of cheerio that they sing at dawn during this time of year. [ii] 


May you listen to the Robins, Song Sparrow, Spotted Towhees open the day with early morning spring songs. May you be comforted by the snowdrops, daffodils, crocus, wild iris, early blooming flowers.   In this season when light and dark are even, may you find interior balance within.

[i] Joe Coyhis, Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons, Hopi(Don L. Coyhis, Coyhis Publishing & Consulting, Colorado Springs, 2007).

[ii] “Robins, Runes, Osprey,” Dawn Songs: A Birdwatcher’s Field Guide to the Poetics of Migration, a beautiful anthology edited by Jamie K. Reaser and J. Drew Lanham; poem first published in Snowy Owls, Egrets & Unexpected Graces, Homebound Publications.

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